Each Material Has Its Own Character

Sculpting is possible with all materials available. You can fold paper, carve, saw or assemble wood, compile different materials into one piece, weld, forge, emboss iron, mould clay, cast bronze or synthetic material, glue various things together, work with glass, whatever you want.

But only practice makes perfect. So when you happen to be inexperienced with a certain material, your sculpture will need to gain from other things that you do really well. When carving wood, for example, you have to consider the angle of the grain. You use your chisel at a certain tilt, the grain directing how much wood you can cut away. When studying ancient woodwork you will learn and understand why certain shapes were chosen. When you work with clay it may take a while before you are able to make skin look as smooth as you want to or leave it as coarse as needed. Working with bronze requires a separate technique. First making a wax model, creating a mould for casting, it is completely different from ceramics.

It might turn out to be frustrating when you want to try working with material previously unknown to you. But you can also turn that limitation to your favour. The advantage of using different materials is that they all create their own purview. The concept of wood is different from concrete, bricks are not like plastics, bronze is contrasting to clay. Employ that in your sculpture.

If you work with found materials your marvel about these treasures you found will play a big part in the work you make with them.

Most important when sculpting is to feel free, also with the material of your choice. You can try to explore your technical restrictions, but you could also call the help of an expert with the right knowledge of the material you wish to work with. Be sure to pick someone really skilled, creative and with lots of imagination.

It is also possible to choose one particular type of material and get to master that in such a way you are able to express yourself in every possible way with it.

But the base of sculpting remains the same. It is all about form, skin composition, concept. Your personal creation and its comment on humanity this day and age, thus expressing a universal feeling or your own universal truth.

You can make your own statue any which way you want. Isn’t that great?

Hobby Or Profession?

Whenever I tell people that I am a sculptor they ask me if I can get an income out of it. Their second question ishow I turned my hobby into my job. Another rather funny question is how I make time for this. I seldom think about that but occasionally I look at my work, at the amount and I just know how many hours I spend on each sculpture. This is what I do, my life’s ambition, my profession. I am a sculptor, I make sculptures. I devote my time and my life to this.

People never ask a professional athlete how much time his sport occupies or how he changed his hobby into his job. You just know that. He is a professional athlete so he already made that choice and will dedicate all his time to it. All his future decisions will be dependent on his choice to become a professional athlete. It is the reason for his doing or not doing certain things. And that choice can only be made after spending 10.000 hours practicing your sport to discover whether you’re talented enough. I once heard people say about Sven Kramer that he wasn’t all that talented but had enormous will power.

It is the same for professional artists, for true craftsmen. Once you’ve made that decision, the consequences will reveal themselves. And I remember the exact moment I took that resolution. For me that means a continuous study of forms, I will always work from my heart. I will submerge myself in what touches people and capture it in my sculptures. The foundation of my work is my bewilderment and surprise about man and the world he creates. I am honest and open.

It also means I have to go along my own path, I cannot be part of the heap. I observe humanity and feel the impact it has on me. I try to translate that into my work. I look at society from the side line. But of course I am also part of society and have to meet the demands of that society to be able to keep my occupation. To get by (yes, it’s my livelihood, of course it’s my livelihood, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to stand in front of you). But I need to be able to do lots of other things as well. I must be capable to build a website, negotiate prices, hit the market, search for customers, do public relations, keep a portfolio, know my position with reference to other artists. But the bottom line, the reason I need to learn all those things are my sculptures. That is the consequence of my heart’s acceptance.

7 Reasons Why Kevin Hart Is So Successful

Kevin Hart is no doubt one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry today. On the surface, you’d attribute this to his wit, his energetic and funny stage performances, as well as his unique style of comedy; well, you’re not wrong but there are definitely other factors that led to his successful career.

Here’s what we believe to be the 7 reasons why Kevin Hart is so successful.

Kevin Hart’s Success

1. Kevin Hart Quit His Job!

Kevin Hart started out as a shoe salesman and was on the verge of making a significant career promotion when he was offered an opportunity to work with Nike. He however turned this off down and opted for his true passion – comedy.

Kevin Hart took a leap and the rest is history.

2. Making the most of Social Media

Kevin Hart’s success can also be attributed to his presence on social media. He regularly uploads content vis-a-vis his daily activities thereby keeping his many followers entertained and inspired. Yes, Kevin Hart (on Ellen’s show) admitted to inspiring others through his social media account to be the best they can be.

This strategy has worked well for him as he currently has more followers than his contemporaries, even the legendary Chris Rock.

3. His fame doesn’t get to his head

Kevin Hart may be a big-shot in the industry but he sure doesn’t let that get to his head. How do we know this? His jokes are most times self-demeaning and depreciating. For instance, he jokes about his poor background, his being close to the ground (if you know what I mean), and his failures with attractive women. Well, things appear to have changed thanks to his marriage to Eniko Parrish.

Further, the way he tells his jokes passes him off as a regular guy which makes people relate with him easily.

More insights into Kevin Hart’s successful career.

4. He never gave up on his dream

Hart has recorded a huge number of failures and disappointments on his journey to stardom but he never let that deter him from chasing his dreams. He is the definition of a go-getter and a die-chard. If you ask me, 15 years is too long a time to wait for the materialization of one’s dreams but he was patient, persistent, and productive – and that has brought him to where he is now.

When they say that hard work pays and you think it cliche or just something people say to motivate others, let Kevin Hart inspire you. This dude worked his a** out every other weekend doing up to 7 shows. Amazingly, he always brought his A game.

5. Personal Development and Innovation

If you listen to Hart do his thing you’d notice that he is always getting better and developing himself. There some artists that just relax after hitting it big but not Kevin, he pushes himself every time.

Trust me, if there is anything that engages audiences over time, it is the ability of the artist to offer something different, to be creative, to change, to drift from the norm. And Kevin has d one just that.

6. Taking the advice from other successful people

It is not news that Chris Rock once told Kevin to focus on developing his brand rather than joining group tours, he listened and hell yeah it has paid off!

Success may have taken a while but it sure did pay to listen to those that have walked the walk.

7. Using Life Experiences in his Stand-Up

Kevin Hart has had some tough times in the past, including going through a painful divorce and a father battling drug addiction. His career wasn’t always full of praise and admiration either. He was booed off the stage plenty of times and he was once thrown a half-eaten chicken wing by a heckler! He never let these negative experiences discourage him, however, but instead included them in his act, which is a very smart move on Kevin’s part.

Some of Kevin Hart’s funniest pieces mock some of the experiences he’s gone through, making a great way of turning a negative into a positive! Kevin inspires others to be real with themselves and their experiences.

Tips on Finding the Best Children’s Birthday Party Decorations Online

Buying party decorations online should be a quick and easy task, but if you want the best quality products based on your chosen theme, then you will want to make sure you purchase from a company that can be trusted, a company that will ensure you get your order within the shortest space of time.

There are so many great children’s birthday party ideas, which means that focusing on a theme for your party is the first step. When you focus on a particular theme, whether it be the Minions, a Disney Princess or Frozen, you can plan the rest of the party a bit easier, focusing on that one theme and basing everything else around it.

Start by going online and looking at some of the great birthday party ideas that can help you identify with a theme. There are specialist companies that will put all your decorations into one box and ship it to you. Buying a package from one of these companies is affordable and also saves you considerable time and money.

Choose a few suppliers. Three is always recommended, so you have a good selection when it comes to reviewing and comparing them to identify with the supplier you are going to use to make your purchase. Look at the company’s website, see if they are professional, if they are customer focused and how easy their purchasing process is.

Next you are going to want to review each of the companies offering your children’s birthday party ideas and decorations online. Starting with their website, learn as much as you can about them Identify how long they have been in business, what themes they provide and their price range.

Once you have thoroughly inspected their website, you want to type the company name into your search engine. Go through the results and look particularly for online forums and independent review sites. Here you can get feedback from clients. Another option is to see if they have a Facebook page and go through the review section, if they have one.

With all the facts in front of you, you can now compare the companies. Chances are when you reviewed the supplier of children’s birthday party ideas, you eliminated at least one, which means you only have two to compare against each other. Compare them based on their decorations, their prices and the services they offer. Can you select your own products or do they offer a party package where you can choose the size of party and have it all delivered to your door to save you time and money?

Look closely at the delivery times. When you have had a good children’s birthday party idea and you have everything planned from the venue to the them and date, the last thing you need is all your decorations arriving late. Choose a company that keeps stock of all the products they offer and dispatch within one to two working days, so you know the item will be on your doorstep without delay.

Finally, always check that in the event an order arrives wrong, damaged or not as described you can return it without hassle. The Distance Selling Rules do ensure that you have some protection, but you also want to ensure the supplier you choose will back their products and be confident in selling them to you. This should be part of their service, so you can return them for a full refund if necessary.

Schedule In Advance

It’s tough producing content. I know – I do it for myself and my clients on a constant basis. But once it’s produced, you’ve got to get it in front of them.

I know several people who produce content in sort of a “just in time” way. They work on deadlines that either creep up on them, or come rushing at them like a freight train. I can be like that, too. Especially when a client needs the content posted immediately.

But I’ve found a better way. A lot of my content is now produced in advance. Some times it’s just a few days, sometimes it’s months in advance, but those are the extremes. I generally try to have whatever I’m working on – whether it’s writing, video, audio, or graphics – done far enough ahead of time that I can make tweaks if I have to. Between 2 and 4 weeks.

It’s actually one of the biggest challenges I have with some of my clients. There’s always something that gets in the way of them producing their content. Hey, as I said it happens to me, too.

I want to encourage you, like I do with my clients, to start working on longer production schedules. As long as you’re the one controlling the publication schedule, you can start pushing some of your content off a bit. Even if it’s just a few days, let yourself wait to “push the button.” Unless you’re creating something that’s either time-sensitive – like a movie review or comment on a news item – try to produce it earlier and let it rest.

The first thing to start you on the path is a list. Write out everything you know you’ll need to produce as far in advance as you can. If you own a retail store, you know when your biggest sale days are next year. Go ahead, list out the ads you’ll have to make for those dates. Making this list will also alleviate at least some of that “oncoming train” feeling!

Once you have the list, you should know the date on which the event needs to occur. If you’re placing a piece in someone else’s media, there is probably a submission date. For instance, if you need to write an article for your local daily paper that will appear on July 4th, the very latest you might need it there is June 27th – a week prior to publication. Some lead times are actually months in advance!

Now, start working on the piece that’s needed soonest. Maybe you need a blog post for next week. Sit down and write it! You might need a video clip for next month. Shoot it today! The more time in advance you can produce content, the better off you are as the submission date draws near. You have time to revise your piece, if needed. Polish it. Re-write, re-shoot, re-edit, re-work. But give yourself a “due date” that’s a lot earlier than the publication date.

Once you get that piece done, start on the next.